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Name:Ella Marie Wilson
Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Ella Marie Wilson was born in Pusan, South Korea, to an unknown mother, who dropped her off at an orphanage the day that she was born. She refused to supply her name or information, so Ella knows nothing about her. She was adopted when she was only two years old, by Jackson and Lillian Wilson, who had tried naturally and through IVF to conceive, but weren’t able to. Ella was brought home to the family when she was very small, and it was only a matter of weeks after she arrived and began to settle in that Lillian realized she was pregnant. And at the first appointment, it was discovered that, not only was she pregnant… she was pregnant with twins.

Lillian was excited for their expanding family, but Jackson wasn’t, and had pretty much been in a panic since the day that they found out she was pregnant, especially considering the financial resources they had gone through trying to get pregnant, and then travelling to Korea to bring their little girl home. Ella became a big sister to Kyan and Trey just before she turned three. They grew up incredibly close, and very close to their mom, too, though their father left when the twins were just over three, and Ella nearly six, after the arrival of three kids within a year versus the one that he expected drove him to anxiety, which led to an affair. The twins don’t know or remember him, because he never came around or wanted to spend time with them again, but Ella does have some abstract memories of him. By contrast, they were all extremely close to their mother their whole lives. Growing up in Denver, they were a tight knit family with the kids so close in age, and it was a hard decision for both Ella and Trey when they got into university in New York City. Trey entered Columbia University for the pre-law program, while Ella went to NYU to major in English literature, following it up immediately with an accelerated masters’ program in library science.

Both Trey and Ella were in New York in school when news came to them that their mother had been given 12 months to live, diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Both of them wanted to go back to Denver, but their mother refused, demanding that they not let her final memories of them or theirs of her be that she’d cost them their placements in programs that would bring them closer to their dream careers. So they stayed in New York, heartbroken that their mother was dying, and Kyan was left to care for her alone.

As it turned out, twelve months was a far too generous estimate, and after complications from chemotherapy, Kyan was with their mother when she died. Ella and Trey were heartbroken over the loss of their mother, but incredibly grateful when their brother came to New York to join them, just as their mother had hoped he would do. Kyan, supported by Ella and Trey, finally tried out for Footloose on Broadway, and landed the role of understudy to Justin Campbell who was playing the lead role of Ren.

Ella, after graduating with her masters’ degree, went on to work as a school librarian at a New York high school. It was there that she met and connected with art teacher, Kalen Mercer, who would become one of her dearest friends. She has taken to the role of fag hag, and is more than grateful to have both of her beloved brothers in New York with her, too. She’s finally beginning to settle and feel that things might be right again.
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